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itical engagement with mainstream and alternative news sources * Articulate a vision for a democratic ... onnects the readings; engagement with the current news cycle and popular culture is strongly encouraged.... cular audience. You might create, for instance: a news report, an instructional video, a fictional inter... n Stuart Allen (ed.), _The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism_ (Routledge, 2010) * Donna Haraw
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[Lifehacker]( and [Hacker News]( What are you optimizing for, and why? Produce data based on your exper... * [Hack_Curio]( * [Hacker News]( * _[Hacker News, The]( * _[Hacker Noon]
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Already Using It]( * [Hacker News]( * _[Hackernoon]( * _[Krebs on Security](ht
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w-Tech is Often Best](," _Usea... to Digital Distraction](," Office of Information Technology, Univer... Digital Native Is a Myth](," _Nature_
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social media communities interact with mainstream news](
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ter * [Tech Workers Coalition newsletter]( * [Startup School libr
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t multitasking](—far worse t
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sheds light on something that is currently in the news * Share a personal experience that amends, chal