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ew, made much of Gould's double debut, and he was off and running. Gould came to real fame through his... resistance.) So, the argument went, we're better off extrapolating from what we can see clearly now th... non-Darwinian. Gould's attempts to take the edge off his earlier views--as when he tells us that his c
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(March 2013) * Cindi May, "[Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom](," _Scientific
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prising, or rewrite a book. Create a bit of knock-off *shanzhai*. Make some fan-fiction. Save a website
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s, for use as discussion notes, consider printing off the most recent annotations from your user page,
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public health orders, and * if sick and you live off campus, do not come onto campus (unless instructe
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ts) on September 23 - A second event, on or off campus, of your choosing * Insightful, 300-500
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y addressed each other more informally), and sign off with your name at the bottom. Emails aren't forma
syntax @wiki
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'single' and "double quotes". They can be turned off through a [[doku>config:typography|config option]