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be rewarded with [bounties]( These are functionally ... lanatory, include a [README]( text that explains the nature and ra... eractive [DiscoTech]( olution_ [chapters 1 and 2]( (1984) **Exploit: Do something worth
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es on op-ed [structure]( and [tips]( ssays: * [C. L. R. James](, "[Every Cook Can Govern: A ... Its Meaning for Today]("
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, etc.) in any [open format]( you like. But the README text s... olution_ [chapters 1 and 2]( (1984) * Stewart Brand, "['Keep Des... en Raymond, "[How to Become a Hacker](" (2001-2015) * Sha... 2015) * _[How to DiscoTech]( Detroit Digital Justice C
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“[Do Artifacts Have Politics?](,” _Daedalus_ 109, no. 1 (Winter ... And Political Associations](," in _Dem... f the Independence of Cyberspace](,” Electronic Frontier Fo... e Origins of Virtual Community](," _Technology and Cultur
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e Response in Economic History](," _Journal of Economic Hi... Entrepreneurial Citizenship](," _Science, Technology & Human ... e Origins of Virtual Community](," _Technology and Culture_ 46, n... Reimagine Past, Present, and Future]( ([HTML](https:/
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= DokuWiki is available at ===== Read More ===== All document... aintained in the DokuWiki at [[doku>|]]. **About DokuWiki** * [[doku>features|A fea... What Bloggers think]] * [[|Compare it with other wiki software... System Requirements]] * [[|Download DokuWiki]] :!: * [[doku>ch
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ts), [Silicon Flatirons](, and [Meetup]( ld, “[What Is Disruptive Innovation?](,” _Harvard... ls, [preamble and chapter 1]( e Response in Economic History](," _Journal of Economic Hi
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Networked Protest]( the Worlds We Need]( (MIT Press, 2020) ### 1. Theories of change ... "[The Education of an Organizer](," in ... Dismantle the Master's House,'](
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place: A Site of Resistance](," in _Yearning: Race, ... n, _[Computer Lib/Dream Machines]( s/)" Artifact: [Civic Signals]( (2021) Quest: Propose a new social netw... ct with mainstream news](" (Knight Foundation, 2018
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. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. DokuWiki supports multip... Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. ==== Internal ==== Intern... rkaround mentioned in the [[|Mozilla Knowledg... ntains addresses like this: and **formatting**, but nothing is done with it.
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of the medium and the term]( in British efforts to contain e... considered [gray literature]( ## Features * A tone t... "[On Distributed Communications]( rnet * [The Bitcoin whitepaper]( - the classic early articulation o
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* Watch "[Merchants of Cool](," _Frontline... CLASS * Watch _[Mediastan]( (2013) - it's cheaper and
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have developed [CROWDLAAERS](, a analytics tool. Currently, howev
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/ * [JSTOR]( * Databases at your university library website