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ed readings and films are a required and valuable part of the experience of this course. They are not op... the form of presentations. Each student will take part in two presentations during class time—one individually, and one as part of a group. In both cases, presentations should b... is a role-playing challenge: Imagine that you are part of a media organization that is based outside the
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n, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part I * Steven Levy, _Hackers: Heroes of the Comput... n, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part II * Charlton McIlwain, _Black Software: The In... te, terrify, or inform readers. Let the medium be part of the message. ### 3. Hacktivism * Edward S... n, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part III * Gabriella Coleman, "[The Public Interest
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tell stories of change that invite people to take part in changing the world? Our work will consist of c... and Tear Gas_ ### 4. "A protester's tools" * Part II in Tufekci, _Twitter and Tear Gas_ ### 5. "After the protests" * Part III and Epilogue in Tufekci, _Twitter and Tear Ga
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(idea one) and speciation (idea two). The theory part of punctuated equilibrium was thereby gutted. But what of the pattern part? If a punctuated pattern characterizes the fossil... st who set out to create a revolution at least in part because he felt that the field just needed one.
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-indigenous-languages/)" Artifact: HK19 Manual, [part 1]( Rs9JG8AsU55FkLsz81pqZstKQcbsAHc/mobilebasic) and [part 2](
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your own words matters much more. * *Interpreting part of the source out of context*. If a writer outlin... hat idea is the writer's own point. Make sure to interpret any part of the source in light of the whole.
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t fellow students may or may not choose to use as part of their own Exploits. Each presentation should b... _ (Network Notebooks, 2010), pp. 20-25, 33-43 * Part One in Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider (eds.), _{{:lib:ourstohack-part1.pdf|Ours to Hack and to Own: The Rise of Platfor
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dia campaign of your choosing, individually or as part of a group. Your analysis should be written so as... 3) --- *This syllabus is a living document. Any part of it may be brought up for discussion and modifi
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sibilities Internships require extra work on the part of faculty, so it is your responsibility to ensur
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y seem lazy, which will encourage laziness on the part of the recipient. * **Be brief**. Too many people
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terials ### Entrepreneurial events *10 percent* Part of the course is participation in two synchronous
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nt is welcome**. Healthy conflict is an important part of learning. You are very welcome to explain your
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nter with a religious community that has not been part of your past experience. The essay should include