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# Scholarly sources When "scholarly sources" or "peer-reviewed articles" are expected for an assignment... ot always immediately obvious what is and isn't a peer-reviewed, scholarly source, but students should m... s: * "[Evaluating Information Sources: What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?](https://guides.lib.jjay.cuny.e... Criminal Justice library) * "[Explainer: What Is Peer Review?](
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icle on the topic, from research and outlining to peer review. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider ("Nathan... to share early suppositions for feedback, formal peer review, with the goal of publication in our class... te draft - 5 points.* Submit a complete draft for peer review, with the required word length, style, and references. *Peer review participation - 5 points.* Provide [[peer
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harts **(15%)** * Complete draft in time for [[:peer review]] **(15%)** * Participation in peer review of two fellow students' sections **(10%)** * Fina... grade will be made by the instructor, informed by peer feedback. ### Grading Based on the stated point... * Whitepaper draft: 11/22 * Complete whitepaper peer reviews: 11/25 * Whitepaper final: 12/9 ## Uni
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with the same specifications as the proposal * Peer review: **(10%)** * Provide feedback for at l... drafts, of at least two paragraphs each, with [[:peer review|these suggestions]] in mind * Final draf... vention that is polished, compelling, informed by peer review, and ready to deploy * Include a proje... 0anth/day.html)" (1974) *Project drafts due, and peer review feedback due by Wednesday; no Intervention
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se in the organization they represent * Undergo peer review; the draft brought for review should be co... ewing others' work Turn in the draft you use for peer review and your final revision in D2L. Further de... be relevant to your memo Each memo will undergo peer review of a complete draft; both the draft and th... ecember 1 * Project 3: first draft due (D2L), peer review * December 6 * _Global Media Giants
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beyond assigned materials, including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relevant marke... beyond assigned materials, including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relevant marke
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# Peer review Providing constructive feedback for peers is a powerful art. Doing it well means giving t... stions you might ask yourself while undertaking a peer review: * How would you summarize what the cre
2 Hits, Last modified:," _Journal of Peer Production_ 9 (2016) * Christian Blum and Chris
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irst draft and * 3 points - participation in peer review * 10 points - final draft with * 30 ... s - first draft * 3 points - participation in peer review * 20 points - final draft Each studen
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### 11. Disintermediation * Yochai Benkler, "[Peer Production, the Commons, and the Future of the Fi
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with assigned sources]] * [[Hypothesis]] * [[Peer review]] * [[Scholarly sources]] * [[Screen d
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mpleted product turned in to the instructor * **Peer review** among students of each other's drafts