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nnovation. Students should interview at least two people (outside the CU community) with direct experience... ma_ (June 8, 2020) * Gene Demby, "[Why Now, White People](," _Code Switch_ podcast (June 16, 2020) * Helen ... ional critique](
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orm collecting dust? What neat software have most people forgotten about? What can it do that a fancy smar... hacks. Where are governments needlessly burdening people? How do bureaucratic processes waste time and res... e process. Identify forgotten radicalisms, incite people to re-embrace them, and renew their dangerousness
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dden ways in which our media lives intersect with people an economies in distant places. Understand the wa... mber 27 * Guest: Ingrid Burrington * "[What People Mean When They Talk About ‘The Cloud’](," _T
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study are, too. We will learn about ways in which people have tried to think through and express themselve... ugh our work together. Recognizing that different people bring different experiences and strengths, we str
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k it. This can take different forms for different people. We'll work together to make the expectations cle... pus collecting dust? What neat software have most people forgotten about? What can it do that a fancy smar
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es? How can we tell stories of change that invite people to take part in changing the world? Our work will
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of Colorado Boulder]( They are an open
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e part of the recipient. * **Be brief**. Too many people spend too much of their lives weeding through ema
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nd "[Stories of Web Users](" ### Impermanence (11/18)
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ou get things wrong, science may ultimately gain. People ask questions and make discoveries that would oth