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age to the point and saving the details for an in-person conversation. * **Do your homework**. Before aski... out the course or assignments—save that for an in-person discussion. Email is great for quick questions wi
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e are many forms of plagiarism: repeating another person's sentences or phrases as your own, paraphrasing
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ronment in all instructional settings, whether in person, remote or online. Those who fail to adhere to su
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ation. Each student should interview at least one person (outside the CU community) whose way of life or l
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long as you keep the focus on the ideas, not the person. I also commit to honor your disagreement and not
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gned materials **(10%)** * Hold at least one in-person meeting with instructor during the course, by app
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courage students to find times to meet with me in person by appointment (or by phone if you are studying r
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ough, was that they were both pursued by the same person: Stephen Jay Gould. Gould, who died this May at
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room discussion * Evidence of at least three in-person encounters with the community in question, throug
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sal for change There is a limit of one badge per person per week. ### Final grades Based on the stated