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if any more are necessary. #### Evaluation **20 points** *Active participation.* Engage in thoughtful p... and original contributions to the discussion (10 points) * Respectful listening to other members of the class and feedback on fellow students' ideas (10 points) Participation will be evaluated twice---once at... ebook might consist of a prose reflection, bullet points, annotated pictures, network charts, or whatever
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of the course is as follows: * Objective 0: 25 points * impressive listening and contributions in class discussion (10 points) * impressive critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (10 points) * geeky enthusiasm in both (5 points) * Objective 1: 30 points * clear explanation along with
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ounty per day. ### Objective 0: Contribute *25 points* Computers count from zero, so hackers do too. ... hinking and prolificacy in online discussions (15 points) #### Class discussions Plan to have completed ... sm, insight, and attention to others in class (10 points) Before this assignment is due, you are welcome ... input into account. ### Objective 1: Hack *30 points* Each week, each student should contribute an Ex
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on Grades will be determined as follows: * 25 points - quality and persistence of in-class participation * 25 points - quality and persistence of participation in online discussions * 20 points - midterm project: * 7 points - first draft and * 3 points - participation in peer review *
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se consists of five parts, each worth 20 possible points out of a total of 100. ### Participation Parti... ence without a documented excuse will result in 3 points detracted from the class participation grade. **20 points** ### Readings The assigned readings and films... oing each other the courtesy of keeping up. **20 points** ### Projects 1 and 2: Presentations A signif
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lly correct slide deck that illustrates the major points * Originality and plausibility of the proposal * ... . Late work will be penalized as follows: .5 of 3 points if Quests are late, and 5 points per day on late projects. Plagiarism and similar lapses in [[academic h
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hen Table Press). * Donella Meadows, "[Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System](," (Donella Mead
syntax @wiki
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k text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <andi... k text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <an
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ime. Late projects will be penalized 5 percentage points per day. Plagiarism and similar lapses in [[acad