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life as it is lived around us today * Through a process of composition and revision, aided by both peers ... l really get interesting as we each undertake the process of developing a final project. This project includes not only a finished product but also the process of draft and revision that should be essential to... * **Audio or video essay** of 10-15 minutes #### Process By the end, each essay should be a polished fina
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. The course will also guide students through the process of developing an academic research article on the... earch question on digital cultures * Practice the process of academic research, writing, reviewing, and pub... sive generalization. We will proceed through the process together, with presentations to share early suppo... e, sharing insights from the research and writing process. *Formatted preprint - 25 points.* Submit a revi
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ced that paleontology had plenty to say about the process of evolution, and began theorizing furiously. Th... ts the complexities of development, the intricate process by which an organism goes from a single cell to a... share genes. The genetic changes underlying this process of "speciation" are thought to accumulate slowly ... ecies selection. The important point is that this process has nothing to do with Darwinian competition at t
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name will prevent them from killing the learning process in the way that grades normally do. Bounties wil... roject includes a built-in debugging and revision process, as well as a one-minute presentation on the last... table, and safe for a dominant class. Reverse the process. Identify forgotten radicalisms, incite people to
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roject includes a built-in debugging and revision process. ### Bounties Grades are not especially conduc... name will prevent them from killing the learning process in the way that grades normally do. The maximum b
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d to avoid participating honestly in the learning process. Academic dishonesty also includes, but is not li
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irculation among readers directly involved in the process at hand. There's some interesting [history of the
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ophisticated fashion The whitepaper project is a process, not just a result, including (with grades as a p
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own to ensure it is graded fairly? * Is there a process of revision or repetition? * What happens if th
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, and the public sphere, the class will undergo a process together. We will cultivate our own public sphere