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ent are detailed below. **20 points each** ### Project 3: Memo The third project for this course is a written assignment in the form of a memo, a fairly informa... f three overall themes, each corresponding with a project. The workload is distributed fairly evenly throug... ng exploration of the global media landscape. The project accompanying Phase 1 is an exploration of how glo
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can connect in a way that builds toward the final project. Interventions may take the form of a drawing, i... rade, taking your input into account. ### Final project (40%) Each student will complete a final project that is ready to deploy upon completion, in partnership ... is paramount; it is natural and expected that the project will evolve through the dynamics of collaboration
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### Objective 3: Master Become a goon. The final project for this course is to write an illustrated, 1,800... fs]( This project includes a built-in debugging and revision proces... ation (5 points) * Objective 3: 25 points * project proposal (2 points) * complete beta version (... All due dates are at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. * Project proposal due: April 3 * Project beta version du
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3: Master *25 points* Become a goon. The final project for this course is to write an illustrated, 1,800... fs]( This project includes a built-in debugging and revision proces... other due dates are at 3 p.m. Mountain Time: * Project proposal: April 9 * Project beta version: April 30 * Final presentations: May 2 * Final project: May
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thinking - 20% * Mid-term exam - 20% * Final project - 40% * 1/2 first draft * 1/2 final draf... to think adventuresomely with it. ### 4. Final project This class will really get interesting as we each undertake the process of developing a final project. This project includes not only a finished product but also the process of draft and revision that should
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affect the participation grade. #### Whitepaper project The core of this course is a group-based project to propose, in detail, a networked enterprise for social... xisting one. The whole class may work on a single project together, or students may work in groups of at le... course in a sophisticated fashion The whitepaper project is a process, not just a result, including (with
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]] that we set out jointly in class. ### Midterm project For this assignment, draft, revise, and publish ... tent&view=article&id=67&Itemid=79) from the Op-Ed Project, and browse the op-ed pages of papers like the Ne... e organization you choose or others like it This project should meet the following expectations: * Form... * Articulation of democratic ideal(s) ### Final project For this assignment, draft, revise, and publish
1 Hits, Last modified: is an open source, non-profit project designed to develop an open protocol for annotati
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CAPS After Hours Number:  (303) 492-2277 * Trevor Project (LGBTQ) Crisis Line (24/7): (866) 488-7386 or tex
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course textbook ### Pitch video (25%) The final project for the course is a pitch video. Here, you propos
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persuasive document that outlines and analyzes a project or proposed course of action, generally intended
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Phase two: Presentation *20 percent* The second project for the course is a presentation to the class abo
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he engagement contributes something useful to the project in which it appears. * *Relying too heavily on qu
dokuwiki @wiki
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nnel]] * [[|Submit bugs and feature wishes]] * [[http://w
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strate that we have done so? * Is there a final project? What would be most constructive and appropriate