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th a relevant organization, community, or mentor. Projects might consist of any sort of media intervention appropriate to the student's social-change goals. Projects do not need to be publicly released, but they sho... he themes and texts of the course. In particular, projects should convey an analysis of power and agency thr... tructively review complete drafts of each other's projects before submitting the final draft. A project stat
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shaping the apps and networks widely used today. Projects invite students to apply these insights criticall... if Quests are late, and 5 points per day on late projects. Plagiarism and similar lapses in [[academic hon
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nd adjusting them as we go. The midterm and final projects are short exercises in established genres of medi... have an effect for its intended audience. Written projects should be between 1,400-1,600 words, and videos b
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n frequently used to introduce new cryptocurrency projects * [New York Times Innovation Report](https://ww
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ment, consult your instructor ahead of time. Late projects will be penalized 5 percentage points per day. P
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n the readings, in dialog with their own research projects. The notebook might consist of a prose reflection
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s anonymous to fellow students. Reflect on peers' projects based on the criteria in the Expectations section
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priate to the material? * Are there other major projects throughout the course? * What kinds of habits s
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the courtesy of keeping up. **20 points** ### Projects 1 and 2: Presentations A significant portion of