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or or teaching assistant, students will turn in a proposal that explains and justifies the project's objective and medium. The proposal, as well as the final project itself, should refl... texts * Communicate a problem and a creative proposal by which to address it * Practice adventureso... ng compelling media techniques to communicate the proposal * Weekly discussions **(30%)** * Engage ac
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t, or user) and develop a memo that articulates a proposal for how the organization could be more globally l... , with persuasive and reliable evidence, why your proposal is in the best interests of the organization and/or the common good * Articulate your proposal with a sense of awareness of the pressures and co
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points) * Objective 3: 25 points * project proposal (2 points) * complete beta version (5 points)... e dates are at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. * Project proposal due: April 3 * Project beta version due: April
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points - final project: * 2 points - approved proposal * 5 points - first draft * 3 points - par... c, in the form of either commentary or a concrete proposal for change There is a limit of one badge per per
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ts produce a [[whitepaper]] outlining an original proposal for a disruption involving networked digital medi
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e dates are at 3 p.m. Mountain Time: * Project proposal: April 1 * Project beta version: April 20 * D