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ed texts * Communicate a problem and a creative proposal by which to address it, expressed through appropr... ng compelling media techniques to communicate the proposal Students are invited to view and comment on each... opic with the instructor, students will turn in a proposal that explains and justifies the project's objective and medium. The proposal, as well as the final project itself, should refl
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t, or user) and develop a memo that articulates a proposal for how the organization could be more globally l... , with persuasive and reliable evidence, why your proposal is in the best interests of the organization and/or the common good * Articulate your proposal with a sense of awareness of the pressures and co
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n existing social network * Apply insights into a proposal for a new network or feature ## Instructor Nath... ajor points * Originality and plausibility of the proposal * Evidence of impressive outside research, with a
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points) * Objective 3: 25 points * project proposal (2 points) * complete beta version (5 points)... e dates are at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. * Project proposal due: April 3 * Project beta version due: April
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points - final project: * 2 points - approved proposal * 5 points - first draft * 3 points - par... c, in the form of either commentary or a concrete proposal for change There is a limit of one badge per per
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e dates are at 3 p.m. Mountain Time: * Project proposal: April 9 * Project beta version: April 30 * F
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ts produce a [[whitepaper]] outlining an original proposal for a disruption involving networked digital medi