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ersation. * **Do your homework**. Before asking a question about the assignments, expectations, or other cla... yet, reference those materials when you ask your question, explaining what about them isn't clear. This dem... taking responsibility for your work and that your question is in good faith. * **Be precise**. Describe with... riate, mention something about the course or your question that is exciting your enthusiasm. More where tha
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that particularly fascinates you. If the hack in question is of questionable legality, write as an FBI agen
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ces of learning where all members can thrive. Our question for you is, *how are we doing?* Please contact
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tribute to class discussions as active listeners, question-askers, commentators, and critics. Respectful dis
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space * Develop and explore an original research question on digital cultures * Practice the process of aca
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f years and then abruptly change shell shape. The question was why. The traditional answer among evolutionar
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t establishmentarian organization. If the hack in question is of questionable legality, write as an FBI agen
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three in-person encounters with the community in question, through stories of these encounters and the voic
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Donna Haraway, "[Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspect