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encounter—and those we don't. In addition to its readings, lectures, guests, and discussions, this course i... strating thoughtful, critical engagement with the readings * Asking pertinent, respectful questions of stu... class participation grade. **20 points** ### Readings The assigned readings and films are a required and valuable part of the experience of this course. They ar
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our practice. As we discuss critical and primary readings on media, democracy, and the public sphere, the c... eo, or other media) in some way that connects the readings; engagement with the current news cycle and popul... Sophisticated engagement with at least one of the readings in the course so far * Responsible advocacy: ... relevant publics * Engagement with key themes, readings, and discussions in the course, such as democracy
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rbum sat sapienti est.* ## Schedule Each week's readings are due at 3 p.m. that Tuesday and Exploits are d
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ith at least two topics or themes from the course readings * Evidence of additional research by citing at
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at least once and go deep on at least one of the readings each week * Evidence of reflection and insight
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(," in _Works and Days_ 13 (1995)