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nd make contributions to the oral discussion that reflect strenuous [[engagement with assigned sources|enga... osal, as well as the final project itself, should reflect a sophisticated grasp of the themes and texts of ... Consider it in light of the last set of readings. Reflect on your final project in light of the case. *Fin
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Sections will be evaluated individually. But to reflect our accountability to one another, all students a... roject. Feedback is anonymous to fellow students. Reflect on peers' projects based on the criteria in the E
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renew their dangerousness to the powers that be. Reflect on the consequences of doing so. ### 14. Master
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of your educational experience with CMCI does not reflect the commitment expressed here, or if you want to
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primary source that we will examine, dissect, and reflect upon. Some Artifacts are fairly extensive, and yo
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the creator is trying to accomplish in the draft? Reflect that back to make sure your reading matches the c
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else best suits your ways of thinking. Be sure to reflect on both the content of the readings and their met
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s punctuated by sudden change is real. It doesn't reflect gaps in the data; it is the data. They also said-
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able. Entice some of the originators to sell out. Reflect on what doing that feels like, and consider what
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* What are the activities that our grades should reflect? * What activities should not be graded? * Ho
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discussions, this course invites us to probe and reflect on our own media existence and experience, presen
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aluated by their demonstrated ability to hear and reflect on the contributions of others; * Those who are