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infectious diseases. If public health conditions require, the university may also invoke related requireme... ition or required medical isolation for which you require accommodation, **please be sure to alert the inst
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# Hypothesis Several of my courses require the use of the [Hypothesis annotation platform](http://hypothes
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rces]]. Please discuss any particular support you require with the instructor. ## Shared texts Throughout
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there. ## Student responsibilities Internships require extra work on the part of faculty, so it is your
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eadings should be available online. Some readings require using the university network (either on campus or
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able online and are largely open-access. Some may require access through our university libraries, either o
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ment with assigned sources My courses frequently require engagement with assigned sources. Let me explain
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emanding collection and evaluation of data, often require. The result is that, while Gould's popular essay
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ass discussions, unless otherwise stated, neither require nor will be improved by them. * We adhere to ba