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ebRTC-based video-chat. We'll use it to co-create resources for our course. * **[[Hypothesis]]** is a non-p... s can go about learning it—what basic steps, what resources? (5 points) * cultural context and history, d... gies for optimizing it. For inspiration, consider resources like _[Lifehacker]( and [... ple? How do bureaucratic processes waste time and resources? [Explore the field of civic tech](https://civict
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.com/jfe/form/SV_0PnqVK4kkIJIZnf), and the campus resources can be found on the [OIEC website](http://www.col... formation about options for reporting and support resources. ## Religious Holidays Campus policy regarding... our-team) page: * if you need support or other resources but don’t know where to turn * if any aspect of
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web.pdf)_ (Minor Compositions, 2013) ### Further resources * _[How I Built This with Guy Raz](https://www.n
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m and Public Engagement]] * [[:Media and the Public]] * [[:Religion in American Life]] * [[:Resources]]
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can go about learning it---what basic steps, what resources? (5 points) * cultural context and history th
dokuwiki @wiki
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ling plugins]] * [[doku>development|Development Resources]] **DokuWiki Feedback and Community** * [[dok
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# Resources * [[Agreements]] * [[Citation standards]] * [[Email etiquette]] * [[Hypothesis]] * [[P
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m for the benefit of future users. Here are some resources from the Hypothesis website: * [Quick Start Gu
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itepaper presentation and discussion ## Further resources * [Ethical OS]( * [Pl