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n corporations and other organizations. This is a role-playing challenge: Imagine that you are part of a... reative formatting—the intended recipient and the role of the author; demonstrate, meanwhile, research o... ould be more globally literate. Enter a fictional role in a non-fictional organization and perform it co
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ng theory of how social change can happen and the role of media in it. When is spreading a message suffi
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rry out the internship for their successor in the role. It should include rigorous engagement with insig
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eph Seering, "[Reconsidering Self-Moderation: the Role of Research in Supporting Community-Based Models
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bout the instructor? * What is the instructor's role in the course? ## Overview * What did I thin
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cation, but they do play a distinct and important role in the generation and circulation of knowledge.
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ood and wonderful, and they will doubtless play a role in your work for this course, but the multitaskin
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Academe_ (May-June 2011) * Alan Lightman, "[The Role of the Public Intellectual](