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r been found) and an addiction to untestable Just So stories ("Gathering behavior is favorable because... oped by the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, and so having to rush "On the Origin of Species" into pr... fractured bubbles of burst pride--for we had been so accustomed to imagining that an evening in an arm... lection, and if the fossil record says different, so much the worse for the fossil record. This attitu
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jective 0: Contribute Computers count from zero, so hackers do too. Students are responsible for con... will generally precede some time for a DiscoTech, so aim to offer something useful---a skill that fell... duce data based on your experiment and present it so the rest of us can better hack ourselves. ### 1... ers that be. Reflect on the consequences of doing so. ### 15. Mastery Debug the final project with
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hat this class is about Religion is omnipresent, so to speak, and it influences our society in immens... on impolite subjects, and then we will try doing so for ourselves. ### Objectives * Through read... airly straightforward, and you won't regret doing so. ## What will be expected To the extent possib... t must, however, be completed before class begins so as to be a basis for contributions to the discuss
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roposal for changing our network rules, please do so with `#proposal`. The instructor and TAs will col... Please note: The network may be viewed publicly, so you are welcome to use a pseudonym if you like. T... yourself with the guest speaker before they come so you are well-equipped to ask questions. ### Log-
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eanofstudents) and, if you feel comfortable doing so, your instructor. We will work to assist you howe... you cannot access them, you should be able to do so using the campus network (either on campus or via... ound how Amazon has shaped US society. We will do so through the lens of one book, available in the bo
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t with at least one of the readings in the course so far * Responsible advocacy: * Clarity of ar... part of a group. Your analysis should be written so as to have an effect for its intended audience. W... arch Center (1994) And that was before (at least so far as we know) Facebook got into experimenting o
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assignments in at least three days before we meet so I have time to review them. ## Midterm: Reading ... nships require extra work on the part of faculty, so it is your responsibility to ensure that all mile
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ervices to your faculty member in a timely manner so that your needs can be addressed. Disability Ser... as related to diversity We want to hear from you so that we can do better, and to support you however
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gies. Notebooks may be in any persistent medium, so you can refer back to them for years to come. Her... eanofstudents) and, if you feel comfortable doing so, your instructor. We will work to assist you howe
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's heading is changed, its bookmark changes, too. So don't rely on section linking too much. ==== Int... ighlighter/|GeSHi]] Generic Syntax Highlighter -- so any language supported by GeSHi is supported. The
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ver preliminary, and we'll work on them in class, so plan to have a screen device with you. ### Objec... tion will generally precede the week's DiscoTech, so aim to offer something useful---a skill that fell
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abus. Think of it as an open-book quiz. I do this so that more artificial evaluations like exams are n
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eanofstudents) and, if you feel comfortable doing so, your instructor. We will work to assist you howe
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l help us learn and demonstrate that we have done so? * Is there a final project? What would be most
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plus a few minutes for Q&A. That isn't much time, so the duration should be well planned to be used in