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e words in quotation marks and indicate the exact source of the material. I recommend using quotation only... ten from a lecture, a written work, or some other source. If the facts are widely known among your readers... to find, it is usually not necessary to provide a source. (In a paper on American history, for example, it would not ordinarily be necessary to give a source for the statement that the Civil War began in 186
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er formations like Wikileaks, Anonymous, and open-source software represent a new kind of politics, or a r... anvas](** is an [open-source]( lear... ng. * **[[Hypothesis]]** is a non-profit, [open-source]( annotation platf... y and Tom Paquin with Susan Walton, "[Freeing the Source: The Story of Mozilla](
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following: * **Summarize** a central idea of the source with accuracy and precision—and in your own words... idea to the analysis of something external to the source, such as your own research topic. * Approach the ... omings. Take your time with this. Dwell with the source as long as necessary to accomplish these goals. A few pitfalls to avoid: * *Using the source in a way that is superfluous or superficial*. If
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er formations like Wikileaks, Anonymous, and open-source software represent a new kind of politics, or a r... anvas](** is an [open-source]( lear... on. * **[[Hypothesis]]** is a non-profit, [open-source]( annotation platf... don't just tell---provide screenshots, diagrams, source code, and other media. If your media are not self
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ascertain, for a given piece of information, the source from which it came, with enough information that the reader can double-check that source. * If you're citing online sources, don't just ... eaders can get a good sense of what and where the source document is without having to type in some long U
syntax @wiki
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when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// b... xxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx | This is how it looks in the source: ^ Table with alignment ^^... file. </file> Those blocks were created by this source: This is text is indented by two spaces.
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mpressive research with in-text hyperlinks to all source documents * Thoughtful, explicit engagement with ... eek additionally includes an "Artifact"—a primary source that we will examine, dissect, and reflect upon.
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orm]( is an open source, non-profit project designed to develop an open p
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tion, Roam Research, Zim\* Asterisks denote open-source software, which is recommended as it gives you mo
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system and a variety of community-developed, open-source software. Therefore I prefer that coursework be t
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ious what is and isn't a peer-reviewed, scholarly source, but students should make an effort to learn how
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er possible, digital work should make use of open-source software and non-proprietary formats. To learn mo