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n of the Internet. This course includes assigned sources, class discussions, guest speakers, and a signifi... 'll use this to annotate and discuss the assigned sources. ### Objective 0: Contribute Computers count fr... st meeting**, plan to have completed the assigned sources for in-class discussion. Be ready to raise insights and questions from the sources. If we have a guest speaker, be prepared to ask e
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# Scholarly sources When "scholarly sources" or "peer-reviewed articles" are expected for an assignment, this has a specific ... are some good guides: * "[Evaluating Information Sources: What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?](https://guides... e practice, it usually isn't hard. Peer-reviewed sources can come up in normal Web searches, but there are
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including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relevant market data, using [[citation stan... present three interviews and three peer-reviewed sources, rather than the otherwise required two. Each pr... including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]], and [[citation standards|appropriate citation]... including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relevant market data, using [[citation stan
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le-check that source. * If you're citing online sources, don't just copy the URL. If your document will be read online, perhaps using hyperlinks to cite sources makes the most sense; if your document may be rea... r use of citations—ensuring readers can find your sources as easily as possible—and consistent in how you f
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esearch, citing relevant primary and [[:scholarly sources|scholarly sources]], while engaging with at least two assigned texts from the course * Project draft: ... / Use those and other sources to examine the mediated components of it, and pre
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per slide * Reference to a variety of reliable sources (cited on the slides themselves), drawing from bo... ion, supported by data and evidence from reliable sources, including both assigned readings and independent... affect the portion of the grade for research and sources. #### Schedule * September 27 * Guest: Ing
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cumented research with both scholarly and primary sources * appropriate references to at least three ... openbook/opensources/book/netrev.html)," in _Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution_, Chris D
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arch by citing at least three secondary scholarly sources * Full participation in every stage of the proc... thing turned in for credit must be your own, with sources cited. In cases of ambiguity, consult the instruc
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[Hypothesis]] * [[Peer review]] * [[Scholarly sources]] * [[Screen devices]] * [[Syllabus of questi
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l engagement with mainstream and alternative news sources * Articulate a vision for a democratic public s
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e course materials, augmenting them with relevant sources **(20%)** * At one class meeting during the sem