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ersection of digital media, culture and politics, such as regulation and network architecture, piracy an... xt files (e.g., .md, .txt)\* * Citation managers, such as Mendeley, Zotero\* * Git repositories, such as Gitea\*, GitHub, GitLab\*, Gogs\* * Mind-mappers, such as\*, Miro, Mural * Note-taking tool
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ne for gathering behavior in women"--even when no such gene has ever been found) and an addiction to unt... ble because . . ."). He went on to argue that all such "adaptationist" tales ignore the possibility that... e direct, designed products of natural selection. Such features, as Gould and his Harvard colleague Rich... use big bodies lose proportionally less heat. But such local differences are usually too short-lived to
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on, remote or online. Those who fail to adhere to such behavioral standards may be subject to discipline... on instructors' class rosters. In the absence of such updates, the name that appears on the class roste... f privilege and disadvantage in higher education, such as those based on class, race, ethnicity, gender,
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end to use particular style and citation systems, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. A good way to identify t... lines. * If you're writing a non-academic text, such as a memo, letter, or [[whitepaper]], consider yo
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ublications are vetted by the academic community. Such publications have a level of prestige and reliabi... t most will be. Always be sure to check yourself (such as by reading the "about" page of a journal) if t
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clear the importance and relevance of one or more such ideal. * For op-eds, see the notes on op-ed [s... themes, readings, and discussions in the course, such as democracy, economic models, ethics, and perspe
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collaborative engagement with community partner, such as through testimonies or other evidence of their
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onally. If your employer is interested in having such a handbook for their purposes, we can discuss adj
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tps:// for other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari * By prefixing the web UR
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there. With this, include proof of participation (such as a photo of yourself there or of you and your s
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the analysis of something external to the source, such as your own research topic. * Approach the idea *
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esearch plan of 500--700 words, including visuals such as sketches or charts **(15%)** * Complete draf
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coTech sessions or for purposes of accessibility. Such devices are [[screen_devices|highly likely]] to i
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r that coursework be turned in using open formats such as .txt, .md, .odt, .odp, .png, or .svg. I can al