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ological and stellar evolution. "When astronomers talk about the evolution of a star, they clearly do no... by artificial selection--and without speciation--talk of strong constraints is in a bad way. Gould ult... onist logic down or up the biological ladder, and talk about competition among genes, or cells, or popul... at Gould and Eldredge began their 1972 paper with talk of paradigms and Kuhn. Even the title of Gould's
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rid Burrington * "[What People Mean When They Talk About ‘The Cloud’]( nology/archive/2015/11/what-people-mean-when-they-talk-about-the-cloud/413758/)," _The Atlantic_ (Novemb
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/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles),'" TED Talk (March 2011) * nina de jesus, "[The Filter Bubb