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understood, were there to dig deep holes, not to think deep thoughts. Geneticists and mathematicians sat... e gradual adaptive change happening around them. (Think of antibiotic resistance.) So, the argument went,... , unsalvageably so. There was simply no reason to think that speciation is a tumultuous event during whic... utionary about punctuated equilibrium. He came to think that the truly outre aspect of the theory was som
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y in immense ways. Yet we are often taught not to think, discuss, or even notice it. This course will tea... ll learn about ways in which people have tried to think through and express themselves clearly on impolit... content of the course as well as their ability to think adventuresomely with it. ### 4. Final project
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f the above visions much reflects what we tend to think of as structured, democratic governance today. Co... T Communications Forum_ * Michael Eric Dyson, "[Think Out Loud](,"
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passage rubs you the wrong way, explain what you think the author is trying to say and how you see the i... is due, you are welcome to propose the bounty you think you have earned with a one-paragraph explanation.
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ing matches the creator's intent. * What do you think is working best about the draft? Choose some spec... u're making that choice. * What audience do you think the creator aiming to reach, and to what effect?
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r comment. You can use the following syntax: I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> We... Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I sa
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is due, you are welcome to propose the grade you think you have earned with a one-paragraph explanation.
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at will apply to this class. If you feel ill and think you might have COVID-19 or if you have tested pos
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of media designed to spread, and explain why you think it will ### Information _Humans_: "[Informatio
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itasking-does-more-harm-good)—far worse than they think they are. Do yourself a favor and focus on class
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and other media assigned in the course syllabus. Think of it as an open-book quiz. I do this so that mor
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rote about it]] * [[doku>blogroll|What Bloggers think]] * [[|C
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role in the course? ## Overview * What did I think I was signing up for? * Why did I sign up for t