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rn about ways in which people have tried to think through and express themselves clearly on impolite subjec... try doing so for ourselves. ### Objectives * Through reading and discussion, we will grasp a broad ove... nd diversity of religion in the United States * Through direct encounters with religious communities, we ... religious life as it is lived around us today * Through a process of composition and revision, aided by b
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often both at the same time and more in between. Through examining the strategies and tactics of movements... * Cultivate habits of media activism by doing it through passionate, strategic, pragmatic advocacy * Ana... eative proposal by which to address it, expressed through appropriate and engaging media * Practice adven... cts should convey an analysis of power and agency through which they intervene, resulting in a plausible ca
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ical culture. The course will also guide students through the process of developing an academic research ar... ion.* Engage in thoughtful participation in class through: * Constructive, critical, and original contrib... the semester. ### Notebook Research flourishes through cultivating habits. Each week, students will prod... day digital life. Reaching this goal will take us through the full research cycle for producing an original
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trongly encouraged. * be an active participant, through listening and speaking, in oral discussions durin... ic concern, framed in terms of democratic ideals. Through it, make clear the importance and relevance of on... * Clarity of argument * Support of argument through evidence, documented in the text and through hyperlinks * Framing of the argument in comparison to con
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he was off and running. Gould came to real fame through his writings on evolution for Natural History. Fo... y like Darwin's," he writes. "Stars do not change through time because mama and papa stars generate broods ... ldredge argued that only speciation--only passage through a genetic revolution--is sufficiently violent to ... wly than others, and therefore become more common through time. Imagine, for example, two plant species. On
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will seek to address them collaboratively---first through dialogue, then through revision of this document, and only if those are inadequate through recourse to outside authorities. * We respect o... est (and most rewarding) ways of participating is through feedback. Identify which software that you use is
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* seek to address problems collaboratively—first through dialogue, then through revision of these agreements, then through recourse to the instructor or administrators * adhere to all ... independent research * Communicate the context through phrasing and creative formatting—the intended rec
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w them to flourish, and the cultures that grow up through and around them. It explores how social media ena... ne. The goal is to put what you've learned to use through constructive thinking. Your pitch should: * Iden... ure, convivial community based on mutual learning through our diverse perspectives, following basic standar
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e will seek to address them collaboratively—first through dialogue, then through revision of these agreements, then through recourse to the instructor or administrators. * We respect on
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for contributing to discussions both in class and through annotations. No attendance will be taken in class... est (and most rewarding) ways of participating is through feedback. Identify which software that you use is
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"). * For Mozilla and Firefox it can be enabled through different workaround mentioned in the [[http://kb... ngle' and "double quotes". They can be turned off through a [[doku>config:typography|config option]]. ====
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ere are two basic ways to access Hypothesis: * Through the Chrome extension or bookmarklet for other bro... post data on the public site, they are accessible through [this experimental analytics tool](https://h.jonu
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ow one company, Amazon, has disrupted US society, through the lens of one book, available in the bookstore:
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n class of journals or books, generally published through academic presses, that employ certain methodologi
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many people spend too much of their lives weeding through email. For a professor, every email is another fe