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cover of Newsweek to "The Simpsons." At the same time, Gould, who spent most of his career at Harvard, ... planned close. And with the release, at the same time, of his magnum opus, "The Structure of Evolutiona... arwin's," he writes. "Stars do not change through time because mama and papa stars generate broods of va... issue, whereas we all acknowledge the substantial time and struggle that empirical problems, demanding c
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s. Annotations on the assignments are due at this time. One strategy is to take great notes on Hypothesi... nt. This presentation will generally precede some time for a DiscoTech, so aim to offer something useful... Bounties will be compiled in (more or less) real time on Canvas for easy access. The final grade will b... 9 a.m. All other due dates are at 3 p.m. Mountain Time: * Project proposal: April 1 * Project beta
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estions. Annotations on the texts are due at this time. One strategy is to take great notes on Hypothesi... Bounties will be compiled in (more or less) real time on Canvas for easy access. The final grade will b... ent of a quorum of all present at any given class time. The current, binding form will be maintained on ... ## Schedule All due dates are at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. * Project proposal due: April 3 * Project b
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): * Each week, turn in on Canvas before class time and be prepared to share in class a *Connection* ... a given week, please discuss the reason ahead of time with the instructor. Otherwise it will affect the... at least two. Plan for considerable collaboration time outside of class. Groups of students will produce... ketches or charts **(15%)** * Complete draft in time for [[:peer review]] **(15%)** * Participation
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1 Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 Col... Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 C... locks described in the previous section, but this time the name of the language syntax to be highlighted
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will take part in two presentations during class time—one individually, and one as part of a group. In ... long, plus a few minutes for Q&A. That isn't much time, so the duration should be well planned to be use... rselves with it daily for at least two weeks at a time. We will ensure that, together, we are specializi
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llet or a lost cause. It's often both at the same time and more in between. Through examining the strate... ons, and critique. Inform the instructor ahead of time about any missed classes. Evaluation of discussi... e appropriate online discussion unit before class time each week For the final project: * Consult wi
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ng and speaking, in oral discussions during class time. * adhere to the [[agreements]] that we set out... ### Business models Spend a reasonable amount of time exploring the data here: * Amy Mitchell, "[Sta
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final revision * **Final product** turned in on time at the end of the course Each project will be ev... ated according to the following criteria: * On-time completion of the agreed-upon project * Evidenc
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nce, or emergency, please inform your TA ahead of time. ### Network participation (25%) Naturally, we ... nsion on any assignment, consult your TA ahead of time. They are not obligated to grant one. Late work w
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word? What have been the great disruptions of our time, and who wound up disrupted? This course is a ha... her Economy Is Possible: Culture and Economy in a Time of Crisis_, ed. Manuel Castells (Polity, 2017), 8
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ysis of its insights and shortcomings. Take your time with this. Dwell with the source as long as neces
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asis? * What do we expect of ourselves in class time? ## Evaluation * What are the activities tha
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e of screen devices is not permitted during class time, unless otherwise stated. Exceptions may also be
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tings The basis of our academic community is our time together twice each week. In general, we will spe
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