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es of awestruck kids, this pile of bones inspired two of the best-known careers in twentieth-century sc... d three decades later, in 1977, when he published two books, one popular, "Ever Since Darwin," and the ... at it's all in the genes. He battled this cant on two fronts. The first was sociobiology and its stepch... magine trying to reconstruct Western history from two snapshots, one of Pontius Pilate and the other of
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ed components; three are consecutive "phases" and two are ongoing. ### Phase one: Report *20 percent* ... rch beyond assigned materials, including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relevant ... itation]] * Meaningful engagement with at least two assigned materials from the course ### Phase two: Presentation *25 percent* The second project for t
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orce a newline** without a paragraph, you can use two backslashes followed by a whitespace or the end o... is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a l... some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a l... lists. To create a list item, indent your text by two spaces and use a ''*'' for unordered lists or a '
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confusion or difficulty Each student is allotted two unexcused absences. After that, each absence with... of presentations. Each student will take part in two presentations during class time—one individually,... t summarize the content, with no more than one or two textual points (or less) per slide * Reference ... buted fairly evenly throughout the semester, with two class presentations and a modest written task at
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ticipation is not compatible with absence. One or two absences over the course of the semester are acce... indings * Discussion Each paper should be one of two types: * Empirical, collecting data about real-w... nts.* Provide [[peer review|detailed reviews]] of two fellow students' drafts, 300-500 words each. Rest... points) * Sophisticated engagement with at least two course readings (5 points) ### Grading Based on
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For successful annotation, aim to add a note or two to each reading, and go deep on at least one per ... ipation in debugging with substantive comments on two fellow students' betas (5 points) * revised f... ]] * sophisticated engagement with at least two assigned sources * one-minute presentation, w... termediation * Gabriella Coleman, "The Tale of Two Legal Regimes" in _[Coding Freedom: The Ethics an
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scholarly sources]], while engaging with at least two assigned texts from the course * Project draf... : **(10%)** * Provide feedback for at least two fellow students' drafts, of at least two paragraphs each, with [[:peer review|these suggestions]] in m... Cultural Legacy of Individualism and Community in Two Classic Films about Labor Unions](http://www.tand
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and perspective, including reference to at least two texts on the syllabus * Adherence to the topic,... pare the approaches to democracy in the following two essays: * [C. L. R. James](https://en.wikipedi... _ (2002) On the latter, watch at least the first two episodes, and after that only as far as you like.... sm Review_ (August 13, 2015) ### Tactical media Two approaches to "propaganda": first, the form of pe
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ether, or students may work in groups of at least two. Plan for considerable collaboration time outside... what options could be explored * Present one or two specific, plausible strategies, weighing their costs and benefits * Engage with at least two assigned materials from the course in a sophistic... w]] **(15%)** * Participation in peer review of two fellow students' sections **(10%)** * Final dra
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what degree you'd like to meet them. We will use two platforms to carry out our work for the course: ... October 1971) * Gabriella Coleman, "The Tale of Two Legal Regimes" in _[Coding Freedom: The Ethics an... Bitcoin-like asset and carry out a transaction or two or more. If you can do something useful with it,
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one might: * Draw creative connections between two or more texts we've considered * Identify somet... ect * Evidence of deep engagement with at least two topics or themes from the course readings * Evi
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estions]( There are two basic ways to access Hypothesis: * Through the