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ry_ definitions, find yourself in there, and tell us about it. ### 2. School * Eric Steven Raymond... a Archaeology Lab on campus and play around. Show us what you can do with a neglected tool. ### 4. Sh... the participation of the community. For those of us who are not amazing software engineers, one of th... pike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us](
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e reports from [Cisco]( or ... r learning experience and that of students around us. * We respect one another's privacy and freedom t... a Archaeology Lab on campus and play around. Show us what you can do with a neglected tool. ### 2. Wh... ulture would be like if it were really free. Show us what you can come up with. ### 5. School * Pa
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res, guests, and discussions, this course invites us to probe and reflect on our own media existence a... the course, should be considered a contract among us—with the instructor, the university, and one anot... on an experience of ongoing engagement with a non-US outlet with content that changes at least daily. ... , we are specializing in outlets all over the non-US world. Questions a presentation might seek to ans
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ar as we know) Facebook got into experimenting on us with our news feeds... * Vindu Goel, "[Faceboo... spian Kang, "‘[Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us](,'" _The New York Times Magazine_ (May ... rough Websites](
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We will encounter disruptions in the world around us and devise some of our own. Students should expec... nts/), and [Meetup]( ### Grading Grading will... ers around how one company, Amazon, has disrupted US society, through the lens of one book, available
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nce: by speeding Darwin along, he probably spared us an interminable and unreadable book. It's unfortu... the edge off his earlier views--as when he tells us that his claim that modern Darwinism was "dead" w... high table. In the end, Gould's career may force us to separate two questions that are usually confla
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eryday digital life. Reaching this goal will take us through the full research cycle for producing an ... 021) ### 2/ Anxieties What is all this doing to us? #### 2a/ Affect * Sara Ahmed, "[Affective Econ
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* What further study should this course prepare us for? * What skills will we develop? * What ki... ectations * What kinds of activities will help us learn and demonstrate that we have done so? * I
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ia/)" (Knight Foundation, 2018) Quest: Introduce us to an online community that you know well, explai
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By turning a critical eye to the networks around us today, we will learn to design tools and economie
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a glimpse of religious life as it is lived around us today * Through a process of composition and re