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/ button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playg... Paragraphs** are created from blank lines. If you want to **force a newline** without a paragraph, you c... ig option]]. ===== Quoting ===== Some times you want to mark some text to show it's a reply or comment... %%'' or ''%%<file>%%'' syntax as above, you might want to make the shown code available for download as
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h we try to prepare students. It is a priority we want to put into practice here, now, and together, in ... reflect the commitment expressed here, or if you want to share a positive instance of this commitment i... ions, concerns, or ideas related to diversity We want to hear from you so that we can do better, and to
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h notes on specific quotations and ideas that you want to discuss. ### Interventions (30%) Most weeks,
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refox and Safari * By prefixing the web URL you want to annotate with[URL]; this won'
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ate about what they do. We're much more likely to want to help you if we notice that you're passionate t
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unter or use in your daily life---or one that you want to exist ### Regulation Jeff Kosseff, "[A User'
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. But in order for this purpose to be achieved, I want to see that you can do the following: * **Summar