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O.Reilly Open Source Conference (July 24, 2002)---watch Flash presentation if you can **Exploit: Set a v... The Internet of Ownership]( And watch one of the following films: * _Citizenfour_, d... Story of the Hacktivists](, directed by Brian Knappenberger ... licon Valley of Hardware](," _Wired_ (2016) **Exploit: Make
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t forming groups * September 29: NO CLASS * Watch "[Merchants of Cool]( ub-Saharan Africa * November 1: NO CLASS * Watch _[Mediastan]( (2013) - it's cheaper and more fun together!
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ws that Choke Creativity](," TED (November 15, 2007) * Gabr... r, "[The Security Mirage](," TED (Apr 27, 2011) * Maddy Cro
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urveillance and Resistance](," Digital Praxis Seminar and the C... Networks vs. The Trolls](,” ActivityP
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ew user to what it is, how to use it, and what to watch out for. A README is an old-fashioned file that c
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the-century-of-the-self/)_ (2002) On the latter, watch at least the first two episodes, and after that o