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form that enables users to annotate the Web. Each week we'll use this to annotate and discuss the assign... s Using Hypothesis on the assigned readings each week, aim for at least 3-5 thoughtful annotations in e... One strategy is to make great annotations on each week's readings, print them out, and bring them to cla... an to have done some preparatory thinking on that week's Exploit---the skill we'll be learning together.
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that enables users to annotate the internet. Each week we'll use this to annotate and discuss the assign... . Plan to have done some preparatory work on that week's Exploit---the skill we'll be learning together.... een device with you. ### Objective 1: Hack Each week, each student should contribute an Exploit---a hack that addresses the week's topic in a creative way, reflecting technical i
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a short quiz. It will present questions about the week's readings as well as opportunities for the teach... at the end of the course. ### Quests (25%) Each week before class on Tuesday, students should demonstr... * Complete the Quest, which is specified in each week's assignment, in a post to the discussion * Comme... cal, and respectful responses Posts from a given week will be evaluated to ensure that, collectively, t
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cademic community is our time together twice each week. In general, we will spend the first session focused on the week's readings, and the second session developing and... earch flourishes through cultivating habits. Each week, students will produce a weekly notebook entry on... should be completed before class on Tuesday each week. #### Evaluation **30 points** *Weekly noteboo
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percentage of the total course grade): * Each week, turn in on Canvas before class time and be prepa... images, of an entrepreneurial idea related to the week's topic, including a problem, an opportunity, and... an imaginative way to lead the discussion of the week's assigned materials **(10%)** * Hold at least ... If you cannot attend a class meeting on a given week, please discuss the reason ahead of time with the
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ach student is expected to: * contribute every week to our public sphere, before noon on Thursday, wi... ast 2 posts and/or comments (at most one post per week) in the D2L discussion (including text, video, or... nge There is a limit of one badge per person per week. ### Final grades Based on the stated point str
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contain a) a challenge or problem related to the week's texts and b) an outline for an original strateg... read in the appropriate discussion topic for each week's unit. They should amount to the equivalent of o
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patible with absence. Be prepared to discuss each week's assigned materials by the start of that week's first meeting. Evaluation takes place at the midterm
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trade work of journalism or polemic. Within one week of the midterm, you will turn in an approximately
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tails. **Please inform the instructor at least a week in advance if you will be missing class for relig
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ble expectation for what can be accomplished each week? * If the pace isn't working, how do we know an