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ist and feminist, here's a famous manifesto about why structure matters: * Jo Freeman, "[The Tyranny... in new media platforms: * Adrienne LaFrance, "[Why venture capitalists are suddenly investing in news]( Republic_ (September 9, 2015) * Evette Brown, "[Why Do We Have More Female Scholars, But Few Public I
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hen abruptly change shell shape. The question was why. The traditional answer among evolutionary biolog... they come into contact. This, then, might explain why, in the fossil record, change and speciation seem... rganisms that neatly fit their environments. But why, Gould asked, can't we extend the selectionist lo... den sense of a vast number of puzzling phenomena (why, for instance, some moths look like dead leaves).
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h evidence * Propose a solution to it, along with why we should consider it plausible * Establish a value proposition for why the most important stakeholders (executives, hack... a piece of media designed to spread, and explain why you think it will ### Information _Humans_: "[
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gas and Guillaume Latzko-Toth. "[Trusted Commons: Why 'Old' Social Media Matter](," _Internet Policy Revie
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s ## Instructor * Who is in charge here, and why? * What do we need to know about the instructor... w * What did I think I was signing up for? * Why did I sign up for this course? * What is the st
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14/)," _The Atlantic_ (November 24, 2015) * "[Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden in Spy Country](... monstrate, with persuasive and reliable evidence, why your proposal is in the best interests of the org
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titasking](—far worse than
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of these to focus on, and indicate to the creator why you're making that choice. * What audience do y
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loomberg_ (June 13, 2017) * Nathan Schneider, "[Why the Tech Elite Is Getting Behind Universal Basic