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This page provides a general outline of what I expect for a successful student internship that I supervise at CU Boulder. The details will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Learning objectives

  • Identify a critical, scholarly perspective that can inform a work experience
  • Perform your internship to the satisfaction of your work supervisor
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate critical thinking and practical pedagogy

One-to-one meetings

The student should arrange to meet with me three times: at the beginning to agree on a plan, after turning in the midterm report, and after turning in the final report. This should ideally occur during my office hours, or by appointment. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the ideas and motivations surrounding the internship, and to explore any challenges the student faces.

Midterm: Reading report

At the beginning, we will agree on a book that the student will read during the internship that connects the experience to media studies scholarship. Within one week of the midterm, the student will turn in an approx. 1,000-word report on the book, highlighting key insights and concerns, and reflecting on its relevance to the internship experience.

Final: Successor handbook

At the end of the term, the student will turn in a handbook about how to carry out the internship for their successor in the role. It should include some insights from the book the student read. The length may vary depending on context, but a good target is about 2,000 words. Remember to format it appropriately and professionally.

Student responsibilities

Internships require extra work on the part of faculty, so it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all milestones are met. Students should propose a set of deadlines and meeting times, and carry out their work without reminders.