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terodox aspect of punctuated equilibrium. Darwin, after all, held that animals and plants are nearly infi... rise to more "granddaughter" species, and so on. After millions of years, the earth might well be envelo... e right, and was he good for science? It may not, after all, be a law of nature that the two have the sam
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three times: at the beginning to agree on a plan, after turning in the midterm report, and after turning in the final report. This should ideally occur during m
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ketches, this project must be fully implemented. After discussing the topic with the instructor, student... rt II in Tufekci, _Twitter and Tear Gas_ ### 5. "After the protests" * Part III and Epilogue in Tufek
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repreneurial community. Before the end of the day after each event, submit a discussion post in Canvas ab... in Dreams: Imagining Techno-Economic Alternatives After Bitcoin](
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t Each student is allotted 3 unexcused absences. After that, absences without a documented excuse will r... atter, watch at least the first two episodes, and after that only as far as you like. It's over-long and
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in Dreams: Imagining Techno-Economic Alternatives After Bitcoin](
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stent—they may very well be removed or taken down after you cite them. If your document is designed to be
syntax @wiki
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s well. You can do this by specifying a file name after language code like this: <code> <file php myexam
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Ning (February 11, 2009) * Nathan Schneider, "[After the Bitcoin Gold Rush](
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Each student is allotted two unexcused absences. After that, each absence without a documented excuse wi
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revolves around a free, open-access textbook, hereafter _Humans_: * iVoices Media Lab and Diana Daley, _