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ketches, this project must be fully implemented. After discussing the topic with the instructor, student... rt II in Tufekci, _Twitter and Tear Gas_ ### 5. "After the protests" * Part III and Epilogue in Tufek... analysis in class as your Intervention. ### 14. Aftermath * Wu Hung, "[Tiananmen Square: A Political
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three times: at the beginning to agree on a plan, after turning in the midterm report, and after turning in the final report. This should ideally occur during m
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repreneurial community. Before the end of the day after each event, submit a discussion post in Canvas ab... in Dreams: Imagining Techno-Economic Alternatives After Bitcoin](
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in Dreams: Imagining Techno-Economic Alternatives After Bitcoin](
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stent—they may very well be removed or taken down after you cite them. If your document is designed to be
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revolves around a free, open-access textbook, hereafter _Humans_: * iVoices Media Lab and Diana Daley, _