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e chronicles the story of a kind of identity that began among geeky tinkerers and a murky criminal underground, only to be adopted by management consultants and CEOs. How h... space and virtual discussions. No attendance will be taken in class. However, showing up and participa... leted the assigned texts for in-class discussion. Be ready to raise insights and questions from the te
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w? This course plays with a kind of identity that began among geeky tinkerers and a murky criminal underground, only to be adopted by management consultants and CEOs. How h... class and through annotations. No attendance will be taken in class. However, showing up and participa... ted the assigned sources for in-class discussion. Be ready to raise insights and questions from the so
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ruck kids, this pile of bones inspired two of the best-known careers in twentieth-century science--tha... eces were bundled into ten books, among them many best-sellers. And, like Carl Sagan before him, Gould even went on to assume a place in the pop landscape... , with odd symmetry, Gould ended his career as he began it. With the release, this year, of "I Have La
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this class, we will learn about what it means to be a mediated public by becoming one and reflecting on our practice. As we discuss critical and primary ... * contribute every week to our public sphere, before noon on Thursday, with at least 2 posts and/o... e and popular culture is strongly encouraged. * be an active participant, through listening and spea
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ts, and discussions, this course invites us to probe and reflect on our own media existence and experi... nts who decide to proceed with the course, should be considered a contract among us—with the instructo... university policies regarding academic integrity, behavior, and accessibility; we take responsibility ... ner. Students who are most adept as speakers will be expected to demonstrate attentive listening in wh
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Entrepreneurship **MDST 2011** *Disruption* has become a hallowed achievement in contemporary busine... s culture, to the point that we forget it used to be a bad thing. What, exactly, do entrepreneurs, inv... internet evangelists mean by the word? What have been the great disruptions of our time, and who woun... Write an internal memo by an employee of an incumbent organization as it comes to terms with the disr
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up language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all p... ction is possible, too. Just add the section name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This lin... o automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config]] file. Hint: If DokuWiki is a link, then it's enabled. *
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forms of encounter* that are constantly happening between and among them. In this course, religion a... eports, Confessions, and Other Essays on American Belief_. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2014.** - In parallel to the main textbook, we will be reading this important new collection of reportag... rd, and you won't regret doing so. ## What will be expected To the extent possible, evaluation in t
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ersity of Colorado Boulder Policies ## Classroom Behavior Both students and faculty are responsible ... emote or online. Those who fail to adhere to such behavioral standards may be subject to discipline. Professional courtesy and sensitivity are especially ... more information, see the policies on [classroom behavior](
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use. It's often both at the same time and more in between. Through hands-on examination of the strateg... how media can shape social change and how we can become more savvy media practitioners ourselves. Th... trategy that addresses it. Interventions need not be realistic for students to carry out; students may imagine themselves as representing better-resourced organizations, real or imaginary. T
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course grade): * Each week, turn in on Canvas before class time and be prepared to share in class a *Connection* **(25%)**, which includes: * a sk... paragraphs with evidence of close examination * Be an active participant in every class discussion a... lity for one section of their group's whitepaper, between 1,800 and 2,000 words, including relevant vi
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nters on what an effective email looks like. * **Be cordial**. It's important to signal respect when ... ourage laziness on the part of the recipient. * **Be brief**. Too many people spend too much of their ... eir research or mentorship. Help make the world a better place for everyone by keeping your message to... n in-person conversation. * **Do your homework**. Before asking a question about the assignments, expe
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ally focused on supporting academic use. However, because it is an attempt to simulate a layer of the ... I am in touch with the Hypothesis team, and we'll be sharing the results of our experience directly with them for the benefit of future users. Here are some resources fr... ; this won't work with web pages or PDFs that are behind paywalls, password-protected sites, or locate
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ontext. By the end of one's education, one should be familiar with a variety of citation techniques. ... medium and audience. What kind of citation would be most useful to your ideal reader? * Regardless ... s, don't just copy the URL. If your document will be read online, perhaps using hyperlinks to cite sources makes the most sense; if your document may be read on paper, ensure that readers can get a good
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ime, unless otherwise stated. Exceptions may also be made for reasons of accessibility and disability.... an Dynarski, "[For Note Taking, Low-Tech is Often Best](," _Useable Knowledge_ from the Harvard Graduat... ure-or-meeting.html)," _The New York Times_ (November 22, 2017) * Reynol Junco, "[In-class multitask
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