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cs, or a rejection of politics as we know it? How does this culture manage boundaries of access and powe... it of a computer language and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, b... in's world-building, hack an imaginary world that doesn't exist yet. Make a map, tell a story, provide a... , or offer some other picture of your world. What does this world allow you to explore that the "real" w
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constructed, and by whom? * What raw materials does it depend on, and where do they come from? * What does the entity disclose about its global footprint, and what does it hide? * What business models support its dev... ic forces, and political powers? * In what ways does the outlet disclose the contextual forces acting
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1 (2015) * Robert Graham, "[No, 'Hacker' Really Does Mean 'Hacker'](," _Errata Security_ (August 8, ... it of a computer language and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, b... nes_ (March 20, 2014) **Exploit: Get someone who doesn't know who you are to do something worthwhile.**
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y, and narrative in media for social change. Whom does a particular media choice empower, and whom does it render as a passive consumer? How do we choose our ... to complete the weekly reading assignments. This does not necessarily mean microscopic reading of every page, but it does mean engaging rigorously with portions of particu
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ng stasis punctuated by sudden change is real. It doesn't reflect gaps in the data; it is the data. They... izes the fossil record--and Gould insists that it does, and spends a good deal of "The Structure" trying... ases of species selection in the real world. This does not mean that the idea is wrong; I, for one, susp... ect that species selection acts in nature. But it does mean that Gould's species selection has a very di
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ulder recognizes that students' legal information doesn't always align with how they identify. Students ... y aspect of your educational experience with CMCI does not reflect the commitment expressed here, or if
syntax @wiki
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ent style from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create ... en the aspect ratio of the given width and height doesn't match that of the image, it will be cropped to
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is an attempt to simulate a layer of the web that doesn't otherwise exist, the technical implementation ... analytics tool. Currently, however, it only includes annotations, not replies, and doesn't export.
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help or hinder persuading that audience? How well does the draft accord with the rules or norms of the r
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uptive thinking. ### Phase one: Disruption What does this overused word even mean? #### 1. A mindset
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rvey](," MOZ How does the current data affect how we read this debate a
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something interesting in the text that the author doesn't seem aware of * Explain a disagreement you h
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ory an ownerless, anarchistic, open protocol that doesn't rely on any one company or entity to make it w