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in the past, present, and science-fiction of the Internet. This course includes assigned sources, class di... rt II * Charlton McIlwain, _Black Software: The Internet and Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Liv... s, 2019): Part III * Brian Knappenberger, _[The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz](https://arc... space: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet](
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ection]( ### 1/ Artifacts Do our networks... space: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet]( /," _The Atlantic_... Valley: exploring institutional diversity on the Internet](
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University Press, 2017) * Nathan Schneider, "[An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Ec... [Permanently Beta: Responsive Organization in the Internet Era](," in Philip E.N. Howard and Steve Jones, eds., _Society Online: The Internet in Context_ (Sage, 2003) * Jo Freeman, "[The Tyra
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/," _The Atlantic_... ration and governance * Social media on the early Internet * Social movement media platforms --- [ [[note:
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. What, exactly, do entrepreneurs, investors, and internet evangelists mean by the word? What have been the