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ce on the job. Be sure to turn assignments in at least three days before we meet so I have time to revie
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full details. **Please inform the instructor at least a week in advance if you will be missing class fo
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a note or two to each reading, and go deep on at least one per week. Replies to fellow students count (a... gagement with assigned sources|engagement with at least one assigned source]] from the week. Also: do not... gement with assigned sources|engagement]] with at least one of the module's assigned sources * Objectiv... gagement with assigned sources|engagement with at least two assigned sources]] * one-minute presentat
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e will be evaluated to ensure they include: * At least 5 substantive posts * Constructive contribution t... cuments * Thoughtful, explicit engagement with at least one insight from the course textbook and at least one Artifact ### Pitch video (25%) The final project... ence of impressive outside research, including at least two [[scholarly sources]], correctly cited in APA
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urces|scholarly sources]], while engaging with at least two assigned texts from the course * Complete d... r review: **(10%)** * Provide feedback for at least two fellow students' drafts, of at least two paragraphs each, with [[:peer review|these suggestions]] in
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research beyond assigned materials, including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]] and relev... gagement with assigned sources|engagement with at least two assigned sources]] from the course ### Phase... sruptive innovation. Students should interview at least two people (outside the CU community) with direct... research beyond assigned materials, including at least two peer-reviewed [[scholarly sources]], and [[ci
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gement with assigned sources|engagement]] with at least two course readings (5 points) ### Grading Base
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e week's assigned materials **(10%)** * Hold at least one in-person meeting with instructor during the ... ct together, or students may work in groups of at least two. Plan for considerable collaboration time out... ghing their costs and benefits * Engage with at least two assigned materials from the course in a sophi
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n every sense a weighty tome. In this respect, at least, Gould is at a distinct disadvantage to Darwin. F... iology, his magnum opus risks becoming one of the least. This is a shame, because Gould has something to... o imply that it was "wrong"--represent one of the least satisfying aspects of "The Structure." Gould's s... the change. His defense of species selection--at least as a formal possibility--is in places brilliant.
syntax @wiki
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ou can align the table contents, too. Just add at least two whitespaces at the opposite end of your text:... aces on the right to align left and two spaces at least at both ends for centered text. ^ Tabl... nto your documents by either indenting them by at least two spaces (like used for the previous examples)
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of skills * sophisticated engagement with at least one of the module's assigned texts * Objective ... mary sources * appropriate references to at least three assigned texts Bounties will be compiled i
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with a non-US outlet with content that changes at least daily. Form a group that wants to focus on a part... app—and saturate yourselves with it daily for at least two weeks at a time. We will ensure that, togethe... it's cheaper and more fun together! * Read at least 3 [articles on intrapreneurship](http://leagueofi
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on the contributions of others; * Those who are least comfortable talking and least used to being heard will be evaluated by their demonstrated ability to con... plored in classroom discussion * Evidence of at least three in-person encounters with the community in ... n project * Evidence of deep engagement with at least two topics or themes from the course readings *
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r public sphere, before noon on Thursday, with at least 2 posts and/or comments (at most one post per wee... nd grammar * Sophisticated engagement with at least one of the readings in the course so far * Resp... thics, and perspective, including reference to at least two texts on the syllabus * Adherence to the to... ry-of-the-self/)_ (2002) On the latter, watch at least the first two episodes, and after that only as fa
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students succeed. I also love email, which is at least in theory an ownerless, anarchistic, open protoco