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and group behavior. Students should expect to come away with an enlarged perspective on social media... e, or emergency, please inform your TA ahead of time. All students will have their lowest quiz grade d... es of our shared discussion. ### The missing README (25%) Around the midterm, students will produce a README document about a social network—a "missing manual
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ogy ## One-to-one meetings Arrange to meet with me two times: at the beginning to agree on a plan an... s in at least 48 hours before we meet so I have time to review them. ## Midterm: Reading report At t
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rectly involved in the process at hand. There's some interesting [history of the medium and the term](... , outlining the basic protocol for what would become the Internet * [The Bitcoin whitepaper](https:/
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epreneurship **MDST 2011** *Disruption* has become a hallowed achievement in contemporary business c... rd? What have been the great disruptions of our time, and who wound up disrupted? This course is a ha... r disruptions in the world around us and devise some of our own. Students should expect to enlarge the... t with the instructor and fellow students is welcome and encouraged. Attendance will not be taken form