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13 Hits, Last modified: Plan to have done some preparatory work on that week's Exploit---the skill we'... e proprietary software. These include .txt, .md, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .svg, etc. Examples of closed, prop... rsity Press, 2020): {{:lib:mcilwain-blacksoftware.pdf|28-43, 55-58}} * The Mentor, "[The Conscience o
10 Hits, Last modified:,%20Situated%20Knowledges.pdf)," _Feminist Studies_ 14, no. 3\. (1988) * Gene... ocacy: * Sherry Baker, “{{:src:baker-pr_ethics.pdf|The Ethics of Advocacy: Moral Reasoning in the Pr...," in Kelly McBride and Tom Rosentiel (eds.), _Th... (New Press, 2008) * Christopher S. Yoo and T
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p:// Plan to have done some preparatory work on ... t/uploads/Turner-Larson-Network-Celebrity-PC-2015.pdf)," _Public Culture_ 27, no. 1 (2015) * Robert G... coTech]( Detroit Digital Justice Coalition 4 (2012) * ... ttp:// (Princeton University Press, 2013) * Tsutomu
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rad Feld, {{:lib:feld-startup_communities-excerpt.pdf|chapters 1-3}} in _Startup Communities: Building ... in Economic History](," _Journal of Economic History_ 7, no. 2 (November 1947) #### 6. The mother of the moder... tp://,” in _Another Economy Is Possible: Culture and E
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in Economic History](," _Journal of Economic History_ 7, no. 2 (November 1947) * Campbell Jones and André Spice... and%20sociability%20Schor%20and%20Attwood-Charles.pdf)," _Sociology Compass_ 11 (2017) * Yochai Benkler
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f Virtual Community](," _Technology and Culture_ 46, no. 3 (2005) * Jo Freeman, “[The Tyranny of Structureless... w/pubs/silberman_reading_ostrom_in_silicon_valley.pdf)," in _Proceedings of the 19th International Conf... for Participatory Change](," _Proceedings of the ACM on Hum
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4925/Public_Narrative_Collective_Action_and_Power.pdf)," in Sina Odugbemi and Taeku Lee (eds.), _Accoun... ](," in _[The Wretched of the Earth](https://abahla... 11/04/Frantz-Fanon-The-Wretched-of-the-Earth-1965.pdf)_ (Grove, 1963 [1961]) ### 2. "A networked publi
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oth the video (a playable link) and the slides (a PDF). Your pitch will be evaluated as follows: * Com
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md, .odt, .odp, .png, or .svg. I can also accept .pdf, .docx, .pptx, and .rtf, though be aware that som
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be in any format, but turn them in (on D2L) using PDF or another platform-independent format. The speci