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r experiment and present it so the rest of us can better hack ourselves. ### 10. Order * Yochai Benkl
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; students may imagine themselves as representing better-resourced organizations, real or imaginary. The p
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elated to diversity We want to hear from you so that we can do better, and to support you however we can!
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ibiotic resistance.) So, the argument went, we're better off extrapolating from what we can see clearly no... , not at the level of species. Some organisms are better adapted to their environments than others, and so
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. If you can do something useful with it, all the better. Share a record of the transaction on the appropr
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on_ 62 (March 2013) * Cindi May, "[Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom](," _Scient
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arch data. Scholarly articles are not necessarily better than other types of publication, but they do play
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eir research or mentorship. Help make the world a better place for everyone by keeping your message to the... nd any related correspondence from the professor. Better yet, reference those materials when you ask your