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. theory like Darwin's," he writes. "Stars do not change through time because mama and papa stars generate... e doubt that his own efforts demand a fundamental change in our view of evolution. At nearly fifteen hund... the same for millions of years and then abruptly change shell shape. The question was why. The traditiona... er among evolutionary biologists was that species change gradually, by natural selection, and if the fossi
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resent, we'll discover how media can shape social change and how we can become more savvy media practition... power, agency, and narrative in media for social change. Whom does a particular media choice empower, and... nces of those choices? How can we tell stories of change that invite people to take part in changing the w... theories and lessons from a wide range of social-change campaigns throughout history and around the world
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cond, we consider the human impacts of disruptive change. Third, we step back and explore some broader soc... l Overdorf, "[Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change](," _Harvard Business Review_ (March-Ap... 30, 2018) * Steve Blank, "[Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything](
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ch other and proposing critical interventions for change. ## Expectations This syllabus, for students w... hesitate to ask clarifying questions or recommend changes that the class might consider adopting. ### Bas... engagement with a non-US outlet with content that changes at least daily. Form a group that wants to focus
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m of either commentary or a concrete proposal for change There is a limit of one badge per person per wee... classic critique: * Malcolm Gladwell, "[Small Change](," _The New Yorker_ (October 4,
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inding form will be maintained on Canvas, and any changes will be explained in a Canvas announcement. * Tu... t: Create an identity.** Who you appear to be can change what you can do. Try on a new online mask---on a
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rg/go/dokuwiki|Download DokuWiki]] :!: * [[doku>changes|Change Log]] * [[doku>Install|How to install or upgrade]] :!: * [[doku>config|Configuration]] **Usi
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hen it's enabled. * When a section's heading is changed, its bookmark changes, too. So don't rely on section linking too much. ==== Interwiki ==== DokuWiki su
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conduct set out by the university? * How do we change these agreements and this syllabus when necessary
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t: Create an identity.** Who you appear to be can change what you can do. Try on a new online mask---on a
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the creator focus on? Are high-level, structural changes necessary, or should the creator focus more on s