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# Hacker Culture **MDST 2012** *it seems to me sometimes I've entered some inverted zone, some mirror wor... y management consultants and CEOs. How has hacker culture helped form our technological lives? Do hacker fo... ejection of politics as we know it? How does this culture manage boundaries of access and power in the onli... earn some skills and to help teach others. Hacker culture is not a spectator sport. ## Instructor Nathan
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# Digital Culture and Politics **MDST 3002** *Examines issues at the intersection of digital media, culture and politics, such as regulation and network arch... labor, and the implications for broader political culture. The course will also guide students through the ...," _Technology and Culture_ 46, no. 3 (2005) * Jo Freeman, “[The Tyranny of
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e a hallowed achievement in contemporary business culture, to the point that we forget it used to be a bad ... ociated with Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial culture and discourses of disruption. Second, we consider... in_Dreams.pdf),” in _Another Economy Is Possible: Culture and Economy in a Time of Crisis_, ed. Manuel Cast
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* [[:Connected Media Practices]] * [[:Digital Culture and Politics]] * [[:Disruptive Entrepreneurship]] * [[:Global Media Literacy]] * [[:Hacker Culture]] * [[:Internships]] * [[:Introduction to Soc
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ness models and venture capital * Cancel/call-out culture * Chinese social networks * Fandom and fan-fictio
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/," _Technology and Culture_ 46, no. 3 (July 2005) * Jay Kirby and Lori Emers