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f access and power in the online economy? We will explore the contested figure of the hacker in the past, p... * We respect one another's privacy and freedom to explore. Content shared in the course, in class or online... te's HTML code to your computer and mess with it. Explore the possibilities of free culture, or what cultur... of your world. What does this world allow you to explore that the "real" world does not? What is the same,
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acts are fairly extensive, and you're expected to explore as you like, not necessarily to study the whole t
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r imaginary. The purpose of this assignment is to explore our own sense of agency and to exercise adventure
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the human impacts of disruptive change. Third, we explore a variety of strategies and shortcomings of disru
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re on the politics of digital space * Develop and explore an original research question on digital cultures
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with a focus on journalism. Alongside it, we will explore critical and theoretical texts on related topics.