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ks will follow a common pattern: * **The first meeting**, plan to have completed the assigned sources fo... e page, and bring them to class. * **The second meeting**, be ready for a more practice-oriented [DiscoTe... each other. Each week, usually during the second meeting, a group of students will present to the class ab
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with relevant sources **(20%)** * At one class meeting during the semester, develop an imaginative way t... terials **(10%)** * Hold at least one in-person meeting with instructor during the course, by appointment **(5%)** If you cannot attend a class meeting on a given week, please discuss the reason ahead
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At the beginning, propose a set of deadlines and meeting times for the entire term, and expect to carry ou
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ructor on the final project concept, via email or meeting, by Tuesday, March 1 * Proposals are due on Can
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igned materials by the start of that week's first meeting. Evaluation takes place at the midterm and the e