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if any more are necessary. #### Evaluation **20 points** *Active participation.* Engage in thoughtful ... and original contributions to the discussion (10 points) * Respectful listening to other members of the class and feedback on fellow students' ideas (10 points) Participation will be evaluated twice---once a... ebook might consist of a prose reflection, bullet points, annotated pictures, network charts, or whatever
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of the course is as follows: * Objective 0: 25 points * impressive listening and contributions in class discussion (10 points) * impressive critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (10 points) * geeky enthusiasm in both (5 points) * Objective 1: 30 points * clear explanation along wit
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on Grades will be determined as follows: * 25 points - quality and persistence of in-class participation * 25 points - quality and persistence of participation in online discussions * 20 points - midterm project: * 7 points - first draft and * 3 points - participation in peer review
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of the course is as follows: * Objective 0: 20 points * critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (10 points) * geeky enthusiasm, insight, and attention to others in class (10 points) * Objective 1: 30 points * clear explanation of the Exploit along with supporting evidence *
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se consists of five parts, each worth 20 possible points out of a total of 100. ### Participation Part... ence without a documented excuse will result in 3 points detracted from the class participation grade. **20 points** ### Readings The assigned readings and film... oing each other the courtesy of keeping up. **20 points** ### Projects 1 and 2: Presentations A signi
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, the color of blood: as Lewontin and others have pointed out, blood looks red when it carries oxygen, bu... useum of Natural History, in 1972. Their starting point was simple: trust the fossils. The fossil record,... phically separated populations. But the essential point is that, under this traditional view, speciation ... species. This is species selection. The important point is that this process has nothing to do with Darwi
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ity to get to know your TA, as they are your main point of interface for questions and concerns. TAs wil... lly correct slide deck that illustrates the major points * Originality and plausibility of the proposal *... t one. Late work will be penalized as follows: .5 points if Network Participation is late, and 1 point per day on late projects. Based on the stated percentage
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al change #### Final grades Based on the stated point structure, grades will be awarded as follows: A (... ld the Worlds We Need_ (MIT Press, 2020) ### 1. Points of intervention * Donella Meadows, "[Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System](," (Donella Mea
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ievement in contemporary business culture, to the point that we forget it used to be a bad thing. What, e... others and engagement with assigned materials (10 points) * Flash quizzes at random intervals (10 points) ### Entrepreneurial events *10 percent* Part of t
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in the text and argue your case persuasively * Point out some respect in which the text sheds light on... ing are appropriate. This is not one of them. The point of this class is to learn, engage, and create. Ev
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nd that students come to college in need of a few pointers on what an effective email looks like. * **Be... place for everyone by keeping your message to the point and saving the details for an in-person conversat
syntax @wiki
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k text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <and... k text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <a
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k to the author what you understand their primary point and purpose to be. Be sure to refer to the text o
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taffairs/deanofstudents) is an excellent starting point for resources available to students * [Free men
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t, do not act as if that idea is the writer's own point. Make sure to interpret any part of the source in
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