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k to the author what you understand their primary point and purpose to be. Be sure to refer to the text o
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of the course is as follows: * Objective 0: 20 points * critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (10 points) * geeky enthusiasm, insight, and attention to others in class (10 points) * Objective 1: 30 points * clear explanation of the Exploit along with supporting evidence *
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ity to get to know your TA, as they are your main point of interface for questions and concerns. TAs wil... lly correct slide deck that illustrates the major points * Originality and plausibility of the proposal *... t one. Late work will be penalized as follows: .5 points if Network Participation is late, and 1 point per day on late projects. Based on the stated percentage
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al change #### Final grades Based on the stated point structure, grades will be awarded as follows: A (... ld the Worlds We Need_ (MIT Press, 2020) ### 1. Points of intervention * Donella Meadows, "[Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System](," (Donella Mea
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ievement in contemporary business culture, to the point that we forget it used to be a bad thing. What, e... others and engagement with assigned materials (10 points) * Flash quizzes at random intervals (10 points) ### Entrepreneurial events *10 percent* Part of t
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taffairs/deanofstudents) is an excellent starting point for resources available to students * [Free men
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if any more are necessary. #### Evaluation **20 points** *Active participation.* Engage in thoughtful ... and original contributions to the discussion (10 points) * Respectful listening to other members of the class and feedback on fellow students' ideas (10 points) Participation will be evaluated twice---once a... ebook might consist of a prose reflection, bullet points, annotated pictures, network charts, or whatever
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peer feedback. ### Grading Based on the stated point structure, grades will be awarded as follows: A (
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t, do not act as if that idea is the writer's own point. Make sure to interpret any part of the source in