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to that week's topic and Exploit assignment. This presentation will generally precede some time for a DiscoTech,... choose to use as part of their own Exploits. Each presentation should be no more than 10 minutes long, with slid... urned in on Canvas before the class period of the presentation begins. Following the presentation, student presenters will start the DiscoTech with an exercise for the class
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ssigned sources]] from the course ### Phase two: Presentation *25 percent* The second project for the course is a presentation to the class about the effects of a disruptive in... r livelihood challenged by the disruption. In the presentation, students will share interviewees' insights, alon... es, rather than the otherwise required two. Each presentation should cover a unique topic. Evaluation criteria
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actice adventuresome thinking in both concept and presentation, using compelling media techniques to communicate
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(May 2, 2015) ### Celebration (12/9) Whitepaper presentation and discussion ## Further resources * [Ethic