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oit---the skill we'll be learning together. We'll share our ideas, however preliminary, and we'll work on... s flow. Post it online in an appropriate spot, or share it with those who will, or find a liberating offl... What can you do that you might not otherwise try? Share screenshots or other documentation of what your i
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rough the process together, with presentations to share early suppositions for feedback, formal peer revi... s - 5 points.* In one minute, and with one slide, share the questions you plan to investigate and your pl
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the commitment expressed here, or if you want to share a positive instance of this commitment in action
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he disruption. In the presentation, students will share interviewees' insights, alongside an explanation
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in on Canvas before class time and be prepared to share in class a *Connection* **(25%)**, which includes
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your medium. Look at other similar documents that share those characteristics and notice which citation f